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C6 to C13 Adaptor Pat Testing Cloverleaf Adaptor

Ideal for Testing Laptop Power Supplies
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C6 to C13 Adaptor Pat Testing Cloverleaf Adaptor

Now you can test all those 'Cloverleaf' or 'Mickey Mouse' Laptop Mains leads. Just £5.99 + VAT!

For some time now, laptop manufacturers have been supplying special mains leads for their products, and as these leads carry an Earth connection, it is important to test them. Until now, we've had to rely on 'bodged' cables, or leaving out the test altogether.

Some people refer to them as 'Cloverleaf' leads, other people refer to them as 'Mickey Mouse' - if you're not sure why, try turning the connector upside down and looking at it end on! The correct term for the female connector is IEC 320 C6, and the male connector is IEC 320 C5. The normal IEC connector used on PC's is the IEC 320 C14 (female) and C13 male. You should see a male 'inlet' on the appliance, and a female 'socket' on the cable.

We're pleased to say we have just taken delivery of a large number of these adaptors from overseas - simply plug the IEC C13 socket into the extension lead adaptor on your PAT tester, and test all those laptop mains leads as you would an ordinary IEC cable.

Please note that the reason that this adaptor is so difficult to get hold of in the UK is that you shouldn't really use it for any purpose other than PAT testing - If you were to use this adaptor to convert a cloverleaf mains lead into an ordinary IEC lead, there is a slight chance that the cloverlead connector may be overloaded. Keep it for PAT testing only!

Our special introductory price on this item is £5.99 + VAT.

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