Calibration and Service

If you have a PAT Tester, you should think about having it calibrated at least every 12 months, to ensure it is giving accurate results. After all, you're using the machine to determine whether your appliances are safe - you need to be able to rely on your tester!

We offer a high quality calibration service, using a range of reputable third party calibration services - with accuracy standards traceable back to the National Physics Laboratory. If you have a First Stop Safety or Kewtech PAT Tester, we will arrange for these to be calibrated directly by the manufacturers - in the  case of the FSS machines, this will also keep the 'lifetime warranty' running (as long as you get it calibrated every 12 months or so)

What next?

Getting your machine calibrated is a simple process - download the Calibration Form here

When you're ready, contact us by email or phone - our details are on the form.

We will arrange to collect the tester from you, or you can arrange to send it to us. Once it's been calibrated, it will be dispatched back to you. The whole process takes a few days, but if you need your machine back in a hurry, give us a call and we'll do our best to help.

We have used various calibration services in the past (and heard many horror stories) but we now use only the best and most reliable calibration providers. If you use a cheaper service, be aware that the check may not be 100% reliable, and may even 'pass' your tester when it's not giving accurate results.

Click here to download the PAT Tester Calibration Form