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A starter kit designed for professional PAT Testing. We've based this kit around the successful and popular Kewtech EZYPat PAT Tester which has feature you need for professional PAT testing and nothing that's not needed.

This kit is recommended for schools, offices, industrial sites, factories, power tools, theatres and many more - in fact any situation where a reliable and solid machine is needed which gives results, rather than a simple Pass/Fail.

Our own engineers use the EZYPat machine!

Please note that this machine does not store the results internally but displays them on the screen. We recommend that the results are recorded on a simple Excel spreadsheet or even in an exercise book. If you want to look at a machine capable of storing the results, then look at the SmartPAT from Kewtech of the Seaward Apollo range.

This kit contains screwdrivers, adaptors, spare plugs and fuses - in fact everything you need to get started. If you don't need all the accessories then we can sell the PAT Tester on its own.

The kit contains

  • Kewtech EZYPAT Tester
  • Carry Case of PAT Tester
  • 1000 Pass Labels
  • 250 Fail Labels
  • Automatic wire strippers
  • Long nose pliers
  • Side cutting pliers
  • Set of insulated screwdrivers
  • IEC Cloverleaf adaptor for testing laptop power cables
  • Short IEC lead for testing extension leads
  • 10 x BS1363 Mains plugs
  • Earth lead with detachable probe and crocodile clip
  • Selection pack of 50 x BS1362 replacement fuses
  • Instruction manual for PAT Tester
  • 6 x AA batteries
  • Product Conformity certificate (acts as a calibration certificate for the 1st year of use)

The Kewtech EZYPat is supplied with a certificate of conformity; which acts like a calibration certificate which is valid for 12 months from the date of sale. This is important because some machines are calibrated by the manufacturer but can then sit on a shelf in a warehouse for a year or more before being sold; they can be 'out of calibration' before you buy them. We usually have a very quick turnover of PAT Test machines, so it should only be a couple of months since manufacture before you receive it - however the certtificate of conformity means that you still get a full 12 months from the date of SALE before it needs to be calibrated again. If you absolutely must have an actual calibration certificate (eg if you need to comply with a quality scheme such as ISO9001) then we can supply one at an additional cost.

Due to product shortages at the moment, we may need to supply items which are slightly different to those pictured. We will still provide a new Kewtech EZYPAT Tester and all the items shown will be included but we are having to source some of the additional items such as the screwdrivers from alternative suppliers. All the kits will be supplied with good quality items though that are as good, or better than the ones pictured.


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Delivery is free for all orders over £99. Any order including a PAT Testing machine will be delivered free. Otherwise, there is a small charge for delivery, postage and packing; which will be calculated at checkout depending on the weight of the items ordered. 

Items marked as 'in stock' will be dispatched same day for orders placed before 2PM, but if you need your items urgently, please contact us to check delivery times before ordering.

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Kewtech EZYPAT Kit

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A starter kit based around the Kewtech EZYPAT Battery powered PAT machine - everything you need to carry out PAT Testing.