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Memory PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester
Memory PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester
Memory PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester
Memory PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester
Memory PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester

Product Description

Memory PAT Battery Powered, Easy to Use, PAT Tester

The Memory PAT is one of our favourites, easy to use battery powered Portable Appliance Tester.

It is ideal for those wanting to carry out in-house testing of electrical appliances in offices, hotels, schools, nursing homes, factories and construction sites.

If we were designing a PAT tester from scratch, we would want to meet two main criteria; Ease of use & Speed. If you are going to be testing a lot of equipment, you want a machine that will quickly carry out the essential tests, not waste a lot of time booting up or going through a complicated diagnostic check. You don't want a machine which is going to waste your time carrying out tests which are irrelevant, and you certainly don't want to be scratching your head trying to work out which button to press to make it go.

Thankfully, we don't need to design a Memory PAT tester from scratch, because First Stop Safety have beaten us to it! The Memory PAT is perfectly formed, easy to use, and above all else, super fast!

There are only a few buttons on the Memory PAT - Class 1 , Class 2, or Extension Lead. Not much to go wrong there. If you have to test an extension lead with a long cable, press the 'long cable' button first. And then, 5 seconds later you get the results.

It has a large attractive display that shows the test results as well as PASS & FAIL. It can store upto 2000 test results all of which can be downloaded to a PC in an Excel or CSV format. This then can be used to provide a test report. A FREE Download Utility is available to transfer all the tests and results to a PC.

Memory PAT - Easy to Use

The comprehensive manual, test result labels and sample forms mean that even someone new to safety testing can be using the Memory PAT very quickly after unpacking. It is also safe for use on P.C.'s and other I.T. equipment

This tester uses rechargeable batteries and is supplied with a charger - unlike most other battery powered testers which have to be fitted with Alkaline Batteries!

Memory PAT - Battery Powered

The Memory PAT is powered by a rechargeable battery, inside the tester. This is recharged via the mains charger, or for you mobile PAT testers out there - an optional Car Charger! We have used this machine extensively, and find we can get at least 400 tests out of one charge - that's easily more than enough for a day's work. Full recharge using the supplied charger takes about an hour from flat.

Ready to Go!

It is supplied fully calibrated and also includes the following:

  • Tester, charger and test lead all fully calibrated Memory PAT
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • PAT Tester User manual
  • "Master" Equipment Register form
  • "Master" Test Record form
  • Short IEC lead
  • 100 “Tested” labels
  • 5 “Failed” labels
  • 50 "Fuse" labels

Please note that the Memory PAT is supplied fully calibrated. Some organisations require documentation to show that measurement instruments are within calibration. For example, most factories running an ISO9000 quality system require this. If you require a certificate . Click here for more information on Calibration Certificates

How is the MemoryPAT different from the BattPAT?

  • Long lead button going up in 5 metre steps upto 50 metres
  • Insulation testing at 500V and 250V for surge protected appliances
  • Test results shown on a large attractive display
  • Storage of 2000 results in memory with easy recall
  • Download to PC


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Memory PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester

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