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Small Business Starter Kit

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PAT Test Unit
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SMALL BUSINESS Starter Kit - from £270 + VAT

This Kit has been put together for anyone starting out into the world of PAT Testing. It contains everything that you'd need to start. But, if you can think of something it doesn't have or something you need, give us a call or drop us a line - we can probably help you there too!

Primetest 100

Top of its class, the Primetest 100 is a functional, diverse and highly useful tool. Featuring three operational modes, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy to us, comprehensive unit. Simply pushing a button will give you the option of either PAT Test mode, Class I and Class II, IEC Lead Test mode or Power Socket mode. To further add to its easy operation, a bright display shows the test results values as well as PASS or FAIL indication. And like the Primetest 100’s family members, it is battery powered to help users be quicker and more efficient in their work. This is a great choice for those looking for a great, versatile tester.

Key Features;

  • A Versatile Tester It’s a PAT tester, an IEC Lead Tester and a Power Socket Tester all in one super compact unit. This product provides everything you need for basic testing facilities.
  • Easy Use Testing with the Primetest 100 couldn’t be easier. In fact, it only takes the press of a button to choose your testing mode.
  • Hand-Sized –Highly Portable Measuring only 26x10cm, the Primetest 100fits into the palm of your hand. It’s lighter too,under 1kg, making it one of the smallest testers available.
  • Power to the Battery Like its big brothers, the Primetest 100 is battery powered, making it light, portable and extremely easy to use because there are no cables to plug in.

BattPAT Battery Powered PAT Tester

The BattPAT is our favourite, easy to use battery powered Portable Appliance Tester.
It is ideal for those wanting to carry out in-house testing of electrical appliances in offices, hotels, schools, nursing homes, factories and construction sites.
If we were designing a PAT tester from scratch, we would want to meet two main criteria; Ease of use & Speed. If you are going to be testing a lot of equipment, you want a machine that will quickly carry out the essential tests, not waste a lot of time booting up or going through a complicated diagnostic check. You don't want a machine which is going to waste your time carrying out tests which are irrelevant, and you certainly don't want to be scratching your head trying to work out which button to press to make it go.
Thankfully, we don't need to design a Batt PAT tester from scratch, because First Stop Safety have beaten us to it! The BattPAT is perfectly formed, easy to use, and above all else, super fast!
There are only a few buttons on the BattPAT - Class 1 plastic, Class 1 metal, Class 2, or Extension Lead. Not much to go wrong there. If you have to test an extension lead with a long cable, press the 'long cable' button first. And then, 5 seconds later you get a Green Light if it's passed, or a Red Light if it fails. It's pretty difficult to imagine how they could have made it simpler, or easier to use the Batt PAT.


Kit Includes;

  • PT100 or BattPAT
  • 7 Piece VDE Soft-Grip Electricians Insulated Screwdriver Set
  • Fuse Selection Pack (50 fuses)
  • 10 x Standard Mains Plugs
  • Side Cutting Pliers - Expert Quality
  • Wire Strippers - Expert Quality
  • Combination Pliers - Expert Quality
  • Socket Tester
  • 2 rolls of 500 PASS Labels
  • 1 roll of 250 FAIL Labels
  • 1000 Personalised PASS Labels
  • Cloverleaf Adaptor

As this kit includes ‘Personalised’ PASS labels, we would require you to leave contact details that we can reach you on, with regard to your order.

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll get in touch to determine what information you would like printing on them.

We’ll then order your labels and once we receive them, we will then ship your complete kit out to you, unless you would like your kit sooner and the labels forwarded on, once done!

You also have the options of including;
  • PTA2 & PTA3  - Adaptors for testing 110V extension leads and for testing 110V appliances with PAT Testers that do not have a dedicated 110V socket.

We wire the PTA adaptors in-house and use the recommended wiring method which allows the adaptor to be used for PAT Testing, but will not allow a 110V appliance to be accidentally powered by a 230V supply if it is plugged into the mains, or if a run test or earth leakage test were to be carried out by the tester.  Some suppliers wire these adaptors 'direct' which is very dangerous!
If your PAT tester carries out any kind of 'fuse test' or continuity test it will always fail this test (due the appliance appearing to be switched off.) You can safely ignore this condition and proceed with the earth bond and insulation tests in the normal way.
Please note that these adaptors are for PAT Testing ONLY!

The screwdrivers in the set are high quality VDE approved insulated screwdrivers - if you are doing PAT testing for a while, you will take the tops of a lot of plugs! The pliers, cutters and strippers have been specially selected to give a comfortable grip, and the tools are well made to withstand heavy use without breaking.

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